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Models Not on the Binary Maker 3 CD

The binaries listed below were added to the CALEB database since the release of Binary Maker 3 and therefore are not on the CD. All of the files can be downloaded at once by clicking on the link below, or individual systems can be downloaded by clicking on the appropriate "Download" link next to the system's name.

Download all the zip files at once.

Star Name Model Name
AD And Giuricin1981V (Download)

BL And Kaluzny1985B (Download)

ZZ Aur Barone1991B (Download)
Barone1991V (Download)
Leung1985B (Download)
Leung1988V (Download)

AP Aur Li2001B (Download)
Li2001V (Download)

BF Aur Kallrath2000B (Download)
Kallrath2000U (Download)
Kallrath2000V (Download)

XY Boo Awadalla1984B (Download)
Awadalla1984V (Download)

ZZ Boo Popper1983B (Download)
Popper1983V (Download)

CV Boo Nelson2004Ic (Download)
Nelson2004V (Download)

AS Cam Maloney1991aV (Download)

AZ Cam Zhai1984B (Download)
Zhai1984V (Download)

BO CVn Albayrak2001B (Download)
Albayrak2001V (Download)

XZ CMi Terrell1994B (Download)
Terrell1994V (Download)

YY CMi Niarchos1998V (Download)

AE Cas Bradstreet2005B (Download)
Bradstreet2005U (Download)
Bradstreet2005V (Download)

BH Cas Metcalfe1999B (Download)
Metcalfe1999U (Download)
Metcalfe1999V (Download)

V396 Cas Lacy2004V (Download)

BH Cen Leung1984B (Download)
Leung1984U (Download)
Leung1984V (Download)

WX Cep Popper1987B (Download)
Popper1987V (Download)

XX Cep Bradstreet2005B (Download)
Bradstreet2005V (Download)

XY Cep Bradstreet2005B (Download)
Bradstreet2005U (Download)
Bradstreet2005V (Download)

XZ Cep Harries1997B (Download)
Harries1997U (Download)
Harries1997V (Download)

ZZ Cep Cester1978V (Download)

VY Cet Lapasset1986AB (Download)
Lapasset1986AU (Download)
Lapasset1986AV (Download)
Lapasset1986BB (Download)
Lapasset1986BU (Download)
Lapasset1986BV (Download)

YY Cet McFarlane1986V (Download)

YZ Cha Bradstreet2005I (Download)
Bradstreet2005R (Download)
Bradstreet2005V (Download)

Alpha CrB Tomkin1986R (Download)

ZZ Cru Horak1999Bw (Download)
Horak1999Lw (Download)
Horak1999Uw (Download)
Horak1999Vw (Download)

WW Cyg Mezzetti1980B (Download)
Mezzetti1980U (Download)
Mezzetti1980V (Download)

ZZ Cyg Giuricin1981B (Download)
Giuricin1981U (Download)
Giuricin1981V (Download)

W Del Mezzetti1980B (Download)
Mezzetti1980V (Download)

AV Del Mader2005B (Download)
Mader2005I (Download)
Mader2005R (Download)
Mader2005V (Download)

AR Dra Broglia1979B (Download)
Broglia1979V (Download)

BH Dra Giuricin1981B (Download)
Giuricin1981V (Download)

BV Dra Kaluzny1986B (Download)
Kaluzny1986U (Download)
Kaluzny1986V (Download)

BW Dra Kaluzny1986B (Download)
Kaluzny1986U (Download)
Kaluzny1986V (Download)

YY Eri Maceroni1994B (Download)
Maceroni1994V (Download)

BL Eri Liu1996B (Download)
Liu1996V (Download)
Yamasaki1988B (Download)
Yamasaki1988V (Download)

BV Eri Gu1999B (Download)
Gu1999U (Download)
Gu1999V (Download)

BW Eri Baade1982B (Download)
Baade1982U (Download)
Baade1982V (Download)

CD Eri Bradstreet2005B (Download)
Bradstreet2005U (Download)
Bradstreet2005V (Download)

YY Gem Leung1978I (Download)
Leung1978R (Download)
Leung1978V (Download)
Torres2002I (Download)
Torres2002R (Download)
Torres2002V (Download)

W Gru Cerrutti1987B (Download)
Cerrutti1987U (Download)
Cerrutti1987V (Download)

X Gru Giuricin1981B (Download)
Giuricin1981V (Download)

Z Her Popper1988B (Download)
Popper1988V (Download)

AK Her Woodward1977B (Download)
Woodward1977V (Download)

V857 Her Qian2005B (Download)
Qian2005R (Download)
Qian2005V (Download)

VZ Hya Cester1978B (Download)
Cester1978U (Download)
Cester1978V (Download)

Y Hyi Duerbeck1986B (Download)
Duerbeck1986U (Download)
Duerbeck1986V (Download)

Y Leo Giuricin1980I (Download)

AM Leo Binnendijk1984B (Download)
Binnendijk1984V (Download)

AP Leo Kreiner2003B (Download)
Kreiner2003I (Download)
Kreiner2003R (Download)
Kreiner2003V (Download)

V477 Lyr Pollacco1994V (Download)

AO Mon Giuricin1980B (Download)
Giuricin1980U (Download)
Giuricin1980V (Download)

V396 Mon Yang2001B (Download)
Yang2001V (Download)

WZ Oph Popper1965V (Download)

AT Peg Maxted1994B (Download)

DI Peg Lu1992B (Download)
Lu1992V (Download)

RT Per Edalati1996B (Download)
Edalati1996U (Download)
Edalati1996V (Download)

YZ Phe Samec1995B (Download)
Samec1995I (Download)
Samec1995R (Download)
Samec1995V (Download)

X Pic Chambliss1988B (Download)
Chambliss1988U (Download)
Chambliss1988V (Download)

Y Psc Mezzetti1980B (Download)
Mezzetti1980V (Download)

XZ Pup Mezzetti1980B (Download)
Mezzetti1980V (Download)

AU Pup Leung1978B (Download)
Leung1978V (Download)

XZ Sgr Russo1980B (Download)
Russo1980U (Download)
Russo1980V (Download)

YY Sgr Lacy1997B (Download)
Lacy1997V (Download)

BW3 V38 Maceroni2004I (Download)

AL Scl Haefner1987b (Download)
Haefner1987u (Download)
Haefner1987v (Download)
Haefner1987y (Download)

CU Tau Qian2005B (Download)
Qian2005V (Download)
Yang2004B (Download)
Yang2004V (Download)

GR Tau Gu2004B (Download)
Gu2004V (Download)

X Tri Mezzetti1980B (Download)
Mezzetti1980V (Download)

UY UMa Yang2001B (Download)
Yang2001V (Download)

AA UMa Wang1990B (Download)
Wang1990V (Download)

AH Vir Lu1993B (Download)
Lu1993V (Download)

BF Vir Russo1981B (Download)

BH Vir Clement1997b (Download)
Clement1997u (Download)
Clement1997v (Download)
Clement1997y (Download)

Z Vul Cester1977B (Download)
Cester1977U (Download)
Cester1977V (Download)

BE Vul Mardirossian1980B (Download)
Mardirossian1980V (Download)

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