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BH Vir

Clement1997 - Clement1997u (Stromgren u)

Model References

  1. Scaltriti1985
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  2. Popper1997
    Popper, Daniel M. “Orbits of Detached Main-Sequence Eclipsing Binaries of Types Late F to K. II. UV Leonis, UV Piscium, and BH Virginis”: 1997, The Astronomical Journal, Volume 114, pp. 1195-1205

  3. Clement1997a
    Clement, R., Garcia, M., Reglero, V., Clausen, J. V., Bravo, A., Suso, J. & Fabregat, J. “Four Colour Photometry of Late-type Systems. II. New Light Curves of BH Virginis”: 1997, Astronomy & Astrophysics Supplement Series, Volume 123, pp. 59-61

  4. Clement1997b
    Clement, R., Reglero, V., Garcia, M., Fabregat, J. & Suso, J. “Absolute Parameters for Binary Systems. I. The Active Binary BH Virginis” : 1997, Astronomy & Astrophysics Supplement Series, Volume 124, pp. 499-508

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