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RT Per

Edalati1996 - Edalati1996U (Johnson U)

Model References

  1. Sanwal1981
    Sanwal, B. B. & Chaubey, U. S. “UBV Photometry of RT Persei”: 1981, Astrophysics & Space Science, Volume 75, pp. 329-340

  2. Lu1990
    Lu, Wenxian “A Spectroscopic Orbit for the Two-spectrum Eclipsing Binary RT Persei”: 1990, Acta Astronomica Sinica, Volume 31, pp. 140-146)

  3. Edalati1996
    Edalati, M. T. & Zeinali, F. “A Reanalysis of the Light Curve of RT Persei with the W-D Code.”: 1996, Astrophysics & Space Science, Volume 243, pp. 275-283

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