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Bradstreet2005 - Bradstreet2005V (Johnson V)

The UBV light curves are from Kandpal & Srivastava (1980). Their light curve solutions are limited because of their use of the Russell-Merrill method and the lack of a discernible secondary eclipse. The models presented here (Bradstreet 2005) are meant as a preliminary solution consistent with the published B-V for an A8 star. The mass ratio and relative eclipses depths (or lack thereof!) require the temperatures given which are consistent (as is the mass ratio) with A8 and M2 stars. As also found by Kandpal & Srivastava (1980), the individual bandpass solutions differ in inclination: V yields i = 79.9 degrees, B yields i = 81.0 degrees, and U yields 81.9 degrees. All the fits were accomplished by trial and error.